Student of the Week: Emily Miller


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Emily Miller, a senior, was nominated for student of the week by five staff members. From the Media Center Ms. Palmer said, “Emily is always respectful while she is in the media center as a FCC student.  She helps other students and follows the rules.” Also from the Media Center, Ms. Bush explained, “Emily is a very kind and respectful student. She is very helpful to others in the media center and to staff.”  Mr. Swink (PE) added, Became certified in CPR in Sports Med class – on Christmas Eve – a 50 year old man playing Tennis at the Walkersville Tennis Barn collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.  Emily performed the CPR she had learned in the class, for 13 minutes until EMS arrived. Emily saved the man’s life, and he made a full recovery and was able to celebrate Christmas with his family.  If it were not for Emily’s quick response EMS said the man would not have survived.” Also from the PE Department, Mr. Angleberger said, “Administered CPR at the Tuscarora tennis barn to a member who went into cardiac arrest. She delivered compressions and breaths for over 10 minutes until EMS arrived and brought the man back to life. Possibly the best actor of courage this school has ever seen.” Emily was also recognized by the Frederick News Post for this remarkable save.  Finally Ms. Biddle (English) added, “She is always pleasant and hardworking. She gives 100%.”