Student of the Week: Brianna Hardy


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Brianna Hardy, a freshman, was nominated for student of the week by five staff members. Mr. Ratti’s (Assistant Principal) nomination “Brianna has turned her behavior around in an exceptional way. She is working hard, earning good grades, and being a positive influence for peers. She is making all of her adults proud every day.”  From Guidance, Ms. McDonald said, “Brianna has made HUGE improvements in the 2nd semester! She is working hard in all of her classes–has 2 A’s and a B currently. I have had every teacher she is working with reach out to share what an amazing job she is doing currently and I am so excited to see everything that she accomplishes this semester!” Ms. Hull (Special Education) remarked, “Brianna has really turned around for the second semester!  She currently has all A’s and is making better decisions! She is helping others and is eager to do well!” Then Mr. Milliman (Assistant Principal) “For making an amazing change.” Finally Ms. Golibart (Assistant Principal) added “Brianna is currently earning all A’s and B’s. She is on time for class, following school rules, and being very respectful toward her peers and teachers. I am so proud of Brianna!” Brianna explained her big turn around saying, “I want to do better and I want to go to college.”  Brianna is considering studying sign language or acting in college.