Student of the Week: Rachel Nicholas


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Rachel Nicholas is being honored as the Student of the Week thanks to Ms. Crowell (Science Teacher).  “Rachel has worked hard on developing a list of ideas for her independent research project.” The research project is for the Biomedical class Rachel is currently enrolled in at Tuscarora High School.  In addition to a very rigorous academic schedule, Rachel is also playing lacrosse, she is a class officer, a member of the National Honor Society and National Math Honor Society, and has a job at HC Summers.  Rachel sees her success as a result of her time management skills. Her long term goal is to attend college and eventually go into the medical profession. Even as a junior, she has already had college offers.  In her free time, Rachel enjoys hiking, fishing, and hunting. Rachel hopes to one day see the western United States to hunt and above all places she would love to see Alaska.