Robotics Team to Compete in Bunnybots Event

Egan Frelich, Writer

This weekend, Tuscarora High School’s robotics team is participating in Bunnybots, an off-season robotics competition held at Montgomery Blair High School from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on December 14th. The Cyber Titans (THS’s team) have used this competition as an opportunity for its members to practice building a robot before the upcoming FRC (First Robotics Competition) build season. This practice will serve to benefit both old and new members of the team.

The game played at this competition does not use any official FRC ruleset. Instead, the competition uses an alternative game originally created by FRC team 1540. In the Bunnybots game, two different alliances of two teams compete to score points using two types of game pieces: balls and bunnies. Points are earned when a robot successfully shoots a ball into one of the three goals on the field. The bunnies, which the game is named after, are stuffed animals which can be supplied at the competition or by the teams themselves. If a bunny is scored into a goal, the number of points earned from that goal is doubled.

Due to the unofficial nature of this event, the robots may not be quite as sophisticated as those built during the FRC competition season. This is also reflected in the general competition environment. Despite this, the experience of building a robot and competing with it helps prepare team members for the upcoming competition season.

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