“Get Out” (2017) Movie Review

Olivia Cooper

Get Out is a live action horror movie that came out February 24, 2017. It was directed, as well as written, by Jordan Peele. He is also known for another horror movie that he wrote and directed which came out earlier in 2019 titled Us. Get Out is a horror movie, as previously stated, but a main aspect of the movie is focused on a very big problem in today’s world: racism. 

The issue of racism is addressed in the first few minutes of the film, though it may not seem like it’s going to be the focus point right away. As the film goes on, the focus point, or the message, becomes more and more obvious. The movie focuses on a black man named Chris and his white girlfriend, Rose, as well as her family. Chris goes with Rose to visit her family, and it slowly turns for the worse as the film goes on. Shortly after they arrive. Chris begins to get suspicious as he notices Rose’s parents have houseworkers, but they are all black. He tries to brush it off and he just ends up getting more suspicious of the family, as well as the neighborhood they live in. Some spoilers for the movie, Chris ends up finding out that Rose’s family kidnaps black people and uses mind control on them. They then have other people control them and live through them. Chris manages to escape this, thanks to the help of his friend, though the movie has an alternate ending. 

At the end of the movie, before Chris’s friend comes to save him, Chris ends up killing Rose and her whole family. This is very obviously self defense as the viewer knows they were going to hurt him. In the actual ending, Chris doesn’t get in any trouble and his friend just takes him home. Though in the alternate ending, which was the original ending according to Peele, Chris ended up getting arrested for the murder, even though it was out of self defense. That ending was meant to show people how truly unfair everything is. Peele state that he changed the ending because he felt that people are starting to actually see how much of an issue racism is. 

I digress, the movie is extremely interesting and when watching it I had a hard time looking away. The way Peele slowly and subtly dives into the focus issue of the film is so interesting and really draws the viewer in. Peele uses a lot of different techniques that make the movie compelling, such as the camera angles as well as the lighting. There are subtle hints to character motives within the angles, like focusing on something specific a character is doing or the lighting changes in a certain scene. The techniques Peele uses are very interesting and compelling. Overall, I’d recommend this movie to anyone who’s a fan of horror. It’s an extremely interesting and compelling film.