Sushi Densha Review

Sushi Densha Review

Emma Morton, Editor in Chief

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Sushi Densha is a well-known sushi restaurant in Westview. One of their main features is their sushi conveyor belt, which is typically used during the lunch buffet. However, they also have many menu items for dinner. A few friends and I went to Sushi Densha this past week, and overall I’d rate it 3 out of 5 stars. Most of us ordered the bento boxes to get a good sampling of as many items as possible.

From the beginning, the experience was kind of slow despite how empty it was, especially for a Friday night. We got a table automatically, but it took a good amount of time for our food to actually get to the table once we ordered. Ordering on its own was a fairly long process because the menu was somewhat confusing and we had to ask a lot of questions about what came in the bento boxes. It all got hashed out in the end, though, and all of our orders were delivered completely correctly.

Personally, I ordered a bento box with sashimi and nigiri. The first thing to arrive at the table was the miso soup, which had an odd settling texture but overall was good. After that, the boxes came. The box included a garden salad with ginger dressing, 3 potstickers, 6 california rolls, the sashimi/nigiri, and some white rice. All of the different parts tasted very good, but the sushi fell apart very easily, which was somewhat disappointing.

We received our checks shortly afterward with very minimal contact and went on our way. Overall, the experience was good and the food was tasty, but there were just a few features about the restaurant that I felt could have been improved.