Screamland Farms Review

Screamland Farms Review

Emma Morton, Editor in Chief

Every fall season, near Halloween, Crumland farms transforms itself into a horror attraction known as Screamland Farms. It is a well-known place for people to go during the spooky season, and it holds 2 main attractions as well as 2 smaller ones. The two main attractions are the haunted hayride and the barn of bedlam. Entering the haunted hayride, people must walk through a fairly long trail in which they dip through tunnels and into dark rooms just to make it to the line. 

The haunted hayride is a genuine hayride that rides through a few major areas. Included in the ride are clowns, monsters, scary rednecks, and more. Many of the main scares came from the actors jumping up onto the side of the hayride and getting very close to the riders. Other than that, the hayride was very mild and a good balance of relaxed and scared. The actors were very good and the makeup and set were extremely well done.

The second main attraction, the barn of bedlam, was much scarier. There were several different rooms that people had to walk through, each one holding a new and terrifying jump scare. Each actor showed dedication to scaring the audience, and they definitely succeeded. In one room, there was a very small 2 year old girl who tried her very best to scare us, but really it gave the audience the chance to relax for a minute before going on to the next room. As a whole, the point was to scare and the barn of bedlam definitely succeeded.

The only complaint I have is that since we went the day after Halloween, the place seemed run-down and not as energetic as it could have been. However, I’m sure that if our timing had been different the experience would have been much more lively. Overall, I would rate the experience 3.8/5 stars.