Student of the Week: Dominique Womack


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Dominique Womack is a freshman at THS this year, but this week she is also Student of the Week.  Ms. Rosensteel (English teacher) nominated her saying, “Dominique has excelled in English class in the past few weeks.  She continually works hard on every assignment and proceeds to ask questions to further her progress.  Her grades reflect her determination and work ethic.” Ms. Kowalski (Literacy Specialist) also nominated her because, “Dominique went above and beyond in her small group this week.  She was on task and willing to take risks on the assignment despite the discomfort of the new approach being used!”  


Dominique’s attitude is “just do it.”  She even hopes to graduate early from high school because she plans to become a teacher so she can help students with disabilities.  She believes that most people misunderstand students with disabilities and Dominique wants to make a change and help everyone be more aware of the amazing individuals she sees when working with these students. Dominique’s main role model has been her older brother who has always prepared her for what to expect and gives the very best advice.  Dominique is passionate about ceramics, basketball, and volunteers as a Titan Reading Buddy. She also hopes to visit Lebanon one day to experience her extended family’s culture, learn Arabic, and enjoy the amazing food.