Homecoming 2019


Emma Morton, Editor in Chief


Every year at THS, there is a pep rally on the Friday before the Homecoming dance. All of the students typically gather in the gym, but due to the rising population at THS, the pep rally was outside instead. Many students before the pep rally seemed to be frustrated with the idea of having it outside, but, in the end, they seemed to enjoy it anyway. The games played were relay races, musical chairs, and tug of war. There was also the challenge of which class had the best decorated hallway, which was won by the juniors. In the end, to the dismay of the juniors and underclassmen, the seniors won the pep rally, and seemed to have the most spirit.

Later, on Friday, was the Homecoming parade and Fangate. Several clubs and sports teams as well as younger titans walked in the parade, throwing candy into the audience. Then, those clubs set up tables to sell goods and gain members at Fangate. From there, the crowd headed to the football game against Frederick High. The game was a pink out, and everyone in the crowded student section wore their best spirited apparel. Throughout most of the game, Tuscarora was well ahead in score, but in the last quarter Frederick managed to pull forward so the score was 47 Frederick to 46 Tuscarora. Unfortunately, we lost the game, but the enthusiasm of the student section was worth seeing anyway.

On Saturday, the SGA (Student Government Association) set up the decorations for the Homecoming dance. The theme was Ancient Greece, and the decor matched perfectly. The decorations included drapes, vines, lights, golden fruits, and more. All the students who attended seemed to enjoy the decor and the music, despite how hot it was in the cafeteria. The dance floor took up most of the cafeteria, and some people stayed there for the entire dance. The tired crowd left at 10:30, and the SGA tore down the decorations, bringing the eventful weekend to a close.