Bio-Med Class visits the National Museum of Health and Medicine


On September 26th, Ms. Crowell’s Principles of Biomedical Science class visited the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, MD. The museum is part of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The class went on this field trip after doing a unit with a connection to forensics. The students had previously done online and in-class activities related to forensics, but this trip would allow them to gain real-world experience.

While at the museum, students did a forensic anthropology workshop. The students analyzed a real-life case in order to find the identity of a soldier who died in combat. After the workshop, they were able to walk around the museum and explore its various exhibits. Most relevant to the class were the exhibits involving autopsies and advancements in surgical tools. Many of the exhibits involved treatments used in the military. However, there were also exhibits without a direct military connection, such as the bullet that killed Abraham Lincoln, and a leg that was swollen due to disease. The students enjoyed the field trip overall.