Student of the Week: Lindsay Morgan Gierula


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Lindsay Morgan Gierula, a sophomore, rightfully earned the Student of the Week award after she was nominated by Mr. Wagner, her AP Government teacher. Mr. Wagner said, “Lindsay is doing an amazing job in my AP Government and Politics course. She completes all of her work to the best of her ability, earned one of the highest grades in the class on the first unit exam, and participates extremely well in class.”  In addition to her goal of straight As in all her classes, Lindsay is on the Academic Team, SGA, and takes tap dance lessons weekly at the 24/7 Dance Studio. Lindsay described her secret to success as being well prepared or tests, approaching test questions logically, and ultimately going with her gut. Lindsay’s mom is her role model because she appreciates her mom’s approach to accepting everyone and leading with compassion.