Focus on the Titan Community: THS Robotics Team


Egan Frelich, Writer

Tuscarora High School has a robotics team called the Cyber Titans. They are FRC (First Robotics Competition) team 3793. The team is organized by Mr. Holmes and is mostly comprised of students from THS. However, it also includes students from Middletown and Urbana High Schools. They compete against other teams in competitions using the robots built and programmed by the team’s members.

This year, the team will participate in the 2020 FRC season. Over the course of multiple weeks, the Cyber Titans build and program a robot that can be used in competitions. This year they will attend off-season events to help new members become acquainted with the process of building a robot. This will also give new members the opportunity to meet the rest of the team. While on the robotics team, students are able to learn about programming and engineering through real world experience.

When asked about his experience leading the team since its beginning, Mr. Holmes said “It’s fun, I mean I enjoy building things, I enjoy helping the students.” He says that it gives him an opportunity to do something similar to his engineering major in college. Programmer Ethan Durham said “my favorite thing, I have to say is the fun programming with my friends.” Overall, members seem to enjoy being on the Cyber Titans and working with the team.