Student of the week: Lashaunti Overton

Lashaunti Overton, a sophomore, will be the final Student of the Week for this year.  She was nominated by Mrs. Woodward for her work in the Child Development class. Mrs. Woodward explained, “I have seen a lot of growth in Lashaunti this semester. Everything has enhanced, her work, her mindset, and she is someone I look forward to having in the class everyday. She has learned how much goes on “behind the scenes” of being a teacher and is slowly working towards finding those best strategies and practices when working with kids.”  Lashaunti has enjoyed Ms. Woodward’s class so much that she is now considering becoming a preschool teacher. Ultimately, her main goal is to graduate early and attend a four year university to study education. Lashaunti’s father is a major role model and she finds his work ethic inspiring. This future teacher has big plans.