Student of the Week: Victoria Uhl


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Victoria Uhl loves inventing new worlds when she writes fantasies.  She enjoys writing and has the start of a book. In fact, next year she is planning to take journalism and is even considering studying writing in college one day.  For now, Victoria is a sophomore who has earned the title of Student of the Week thanks to Ms. Neuland’s nomination. “Excellent class participation. She goes above and beyond while working with others and she brings a positive attitude daily to class.”  Victoria is in already in Spanish 4 in Ms. Neuland’s class. She believes her success comes from paying attention in class and listening to teachers.  Victoria says she looks up to her teachers. “I see how much work teachers have to put in and the amount of grading and I appreciate it.” Another role model for Victoria is her mom.  “She is strong and kind at the same time.” Victoria has taken part in several extracurricular activities this year. In the fall, she was part of the cross country team. Then she took part in the mock trial and finally she was in the ensemble for the spring musical.  Victoria has wide interests and is contemplating degrees in history, writing, or genetics for college. If she isn’t busy excelling with her school work then you can probably find her enjoying music, drawing, writing, or loving on her dog, Wubzy.