Prom Dress Evolution.

Bri Gathers, Writer

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To get everyone in the Prom mood, let’s take a quick look at how Prom attire has evolved over the decades! I came upon an article in Elle Magazine that sums up the most popular prom dress looks going all the way back to the 1940’s!

Dress style in the 40’s

So let’s begin there; The 1940’s. During this time, long gowns with full sleeves were really popular. Students would wear long dresses because that’s what they felt most appropriate for a special occasion like prom, and they preferred their shoulders to be covered because of modesty purposes.

Next up are the 50’s. Girls favored the ‘Little Bo Peep’ look during this time. With their mid-calf length, puffy, ruffled, full skirted dresses, they were ready for prom!

Dress style in the 60’s.

The 1960’s was “The Transitional Era”. Girls decided to drop a little of the modesty look and raise their waistlines and slim their skirts. However, the colors schemes still remained pastel and innocent looking.

The 1970’s was the Disco Era! Girls everywhere wore long flowy gowns to create a kind of an unflattering style. Some of the gowns has sheer long sleeves with others went with an off-the-shoulder look. The popular movie “Carrie” was released in 1976, so another popular look in the 70’s was a simple strappy gown like the one worn by Carrie White in the movie.

Dress style in the 80’s.

Moving on to the 1980’s. Shiny/Metallic dresses were well liked. Paired with crimped hair and satin heels,you had the perfect prom look! The early 90’s were fairly similar to the 80’s, except dresses got tighter and waistlines got lower and hair became a lot bigger!

From the late 90’s into the early 2000’s, spaghetti strapped dresses were common. Students went for a very minimalist look. Not too much flair or sparkle, but more of a sleek elegant style. A bit later in the 2000’s, necklines became kind of a big deal and it was a trend to have a dress with a halter top. Some girls favored the idea of having their entire chest covered while their shoulders are completely bare.

Modern prom dress looks!

Transitioning over into the early 2010’s; bright colors were popular! Be seen or don’t bother showing up! Girls aimed for the hottest pinks, extreme prints and sparkles all over! Now, let’s take a look at the modern prom looks! Girls today choose little details from past looks and choose dresses that reflect their personal styles! Some go from the skin-tight, body-con, simple dresses while others go more for a Disney princess look with huge ball gowns and bold colors. All of them are beautiful and. Personally,  my favorite part of prom season is admiring all of the dresses. Girls spend weeks and months picking out the perfect dress and their efforts are not hidden! I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Juniors and Seniors this year show off their unique styles at Prom 2019!


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