Student of the Week: Christian Dwimoh


Lyydia Kowalski, Freelance Controbutor

Christian Dwimoh, a sophomore, is nominated for Student of the Week by Mr. Ratti.  According to Mr. Ratti, “While in the cafeteria, Christian has shown responsibility and leadership, caring for his peers and taking responsibility for those around him and their well-being.”  Christian takes part in two sports for Tuscarora High. He is on the track team currently and does soccer in the fall. His favorite subject is English. Christian attributes his success to staying focused and setting the right goals for himself.  His advice to other students would be to get organized, stay on top of things and get work done before the due date. Christian sees his father as a role model that he looks up to for advice and direction. Ultimately Christian has set a goal to attend a four year university after high school.  On an interesting note, Christian’s family is from Liberia. He has not had the opportunity to see Liberia for himself, but he is planning a trip there during the summer of his senior year. He is looking forward to seeing the places his family has described to him and to learn the social norms of the country.