Student of the Week: Abbey Hampson


This week’s Student of the Week award goes to Abbey Hampson. She was nominated by Coach OB who had this to say of our newest Student of the Week:

Abbey goes out of her way to make the learning for life kids feel apart of the THS community. She was a member of the unified bocce team and all of our athletes wanted Abbey to be on their team. We had two team dinners and Abbey took it upon herself to help some of her teammates order their food, made sure they had enough money to pay for their meal and made sure she waited till their ride came to pick them up. Abbey is a great example of a student who looks to serve others before worrying about herself. This is a great trait she has and it will make her very successful in life. I’m very fortunate she calls me coach!

It certainly appears that she has earned this honor.

Congratulations Abbey!