“March for Our Schools” sees calls for increase in school funding, teacher salaries

“March for Our Schools” sees calls for increase in school funding, teacher salaries

Christopher Johnson, Writer

A rally of Maryland public school teachers and students will congregate in Annapolis on Monday, March 11 to advocate for additional funding for schools and pay raises for teachers. According to an announcement on the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) website, this “March for Our Schools” hopes to “end the $2.9 billion funding gap impacting Maryland’s schools—an average of $2 million in every school across the state.”

In the announcement made by Cheryl Bost, president of the MSEA, additionally said that teachers suffer from being under paid. According to Bost, teachers make 25 percent less than other comparable professions, which discourages people from becoming teachers.

Additionally, the March for Our Schools is advocating for an updated methodology of calculating funding for the state’s public schools to be updated next year.

While not a strike itself, the March for Our Students comes in the wake of similar strikes in the states of Arizona, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.




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