Student of the Week: Nadia Rusu


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Nadia Rusu is a sophomore who has always looked to the stars for direction.  She is nominated for student of the week by Ms. Clark who says, “Nadia is a very studious and respectful student.  I appreciate her hard work and how she is kind to other students.”  Nadia sets very high goals for herself. She plans to graduate with straight As and then attend University of Maryland to study aerospace engineering.  Look out NASA this young lady is headed your way. Nadia is inspired by Elon Musk and his inventions to help the world. She views him as an underappreciated inventionist.  Some of her earthly travels have included Canada, Sweden, and Romania were she was able to visit with family. It is her family that started her passion for space, but her parents are hoping she will be an aerospace engineer rather than an astronaut, but regardless of her career choice, it is clear that Nadia is going to go far.