Studying: Ways to do it yourself!

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Katelyn Krapf

Imagine the following scenario; It is the nearing the end of the semester, it is currently 10:30 at night, and you are overloaded with work and stress. The CRE math test is upon you and you need to study, you have an English or History paper due in two days (to which you’ve only written three sentences, changed the text size and the font), your science teacher has that annoying lab making group project, and two of your members have decided to bail. It is a lot. Sound familiar? This is likely the fate of many students, who have no way of managing their time. How are you going to get all of those assignments in on time? Perhaps you need a few tips to studying effectively.


One of the hardest parts of studying is memorization and keeping/retaining information. As such, a lot of the time kids will either cram or do big important papers all in one night. This leaves room for error, and, therefore, worse grades. Take around thirty minutes to an hour each day to study those math notes, or work on your essay. This prevents your brain from overloading or burning out. Another point is to avoid listening to music while you study, and if you do listen to music, play the same songs while testing. This will help your memory.


Another common issue is that many kids don’t have as much time to study, being busy with work and chores, along with other outside activities like sports or clubs. If you are one of these people, please sign up for FLEX, especially on priority days. That way you can’t get out of it with clubs or make excuses. If you have other things to do during FLEX, then ask to stay after school during ELO. Bus passes and snacks are provided!


Lastly, look over past worksheets, try websites like Quizlet or Tenmarks. Talk to your teachers. Ask for help. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to speak with your teachers after class or ask questions. Make sure you are listening during lectures, with headphones and earbuds out, and with nothing but notes in front of you. Remember, this is your grade. You are responsible for your actions.