What To Do on a Snow Day

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What To Do on a Snow Day

Hathaikan Hanngon, Writer

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            A snow day is something that many look forward to, while others dread it. Some people see snow days as a time to catch up on their homework and others see it as extra relaxation time. Whether you are one to be more productive on a snow day, or one to sleep for the entire day, there’s a multitude of activities that you can do. Those who want a more stress free day can read a book, complete school work, bake cookies, or watch movies. Others who are looking for a more fun and adventurous snow day can go sledding, have a snowball fight, build snowmen, or go snow tubing. Snow days can be very fun, especially when it gives kids an extra break from school, but one should also be aware of the preparation that comes with it.

            On the other hand, it is also important to think of the serious aspects that come with a snow storm. Depending

on how much snow is expected, it is important to keep your house stocked with food and water. Also it would be advised to make sure you have some working flashlights in case the power goes out. It is always better to be overly-prepared because the weather forecast is not always correct. Keeping track of the weather is also recommended, since it can be highly unpredictable. Whatever steps you decide to take when preparing for a snow storm, make sure you are aware of the risks that come with a snow day.

            One hazard that is often overlooked during this season are the icy sidewalks. Roads may be cleared, but sometimes walkways are ignored. Walking to school after a snowstorm can potentially lead to injuring yourself. One should walk slowly and be aware of black ice (transparent coating of ice) and slushy sidewalks. If you are walking, you should also be dressed in the appropriate attire. Layering is key, and wearing a sweater underneath your winter coat can easily save you from catching a cold. Even though walking may seem like a minor threat when it comes to snow storms, there are many other hazards that you should be aware of.  


Everybody loves a snow day; however, they can be very dangerous. Most of the dangers lie within transportation.

With snow, comes ice and it is extremely hazardous. There are over 116,000 people who get injured and more than 1,300 killed while driving on snowy/icy roads every winter. If you can, it would be highly recommended that you stay home. However, if you do drive on the roads here are some safety tips to keep in mind: drive slower to avoid skidding, keep a farther stopping distance, don’t slam on the breaks, and ensure that your lights are on. It is essential that you drive while you’re fully aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents that can injure you or other drivers.




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