Bird Box – Movie Review

Bird Box - Movie Review

Bri Gathers, Writer

Netflix recently released Bird Box, a thrilling story about a woman’s quest to survive a mysterious presence that is quickly decimating the population. It broke a Netflix record for the most views within the first week of its release, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard about it. To give a short summary, an outbreak of this “force” leaves very few survivors. The rules of survival are very simple; If you look, you die. So the people that were able to escape the outdoors must take huge risks in attempts to survive. The story mainly follows a pregnant woman, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) on her personal journey through this horrific time to find peace for her and her little family.

This film caused a huge uproar among every social platform and many people have expressed their mixed opinions about the movie. Many have compared Bird Box to the recently released movie “A Quiet Place” mixed with “The Happening”. It hasn’t received many (or even any) 5-star reviews from top critics, but the popular reviews vary. Some say that the movie was interesting and “shudder-inducing”, some really enjoyed the different character development and the various personalities and backgrounds shown through the actors. While others say that tension was deflated at important parts, or that it was extremely confusing and jumbled.

Personally, I really enjoyed this film. A major negative for me was all of the unanswered questions that the ending left, which many others were concerned about also. I agree with opinions on both parts, however I would lean closer to the higher side of the scale. It kept me interested and I liked it enough to watch it twice! There were definitely some flaws (which every movie has), however, I believe that it was a very high-quality film and with the help of advertising, it could’ve been fairly successful in theaters. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend giving it a try!