Tuscarora Titans’ New Year’s Resolutions


Colin Lang, Writer

2018 is coming to a close.  For many, it was an eventful year.  The beginning of a new year offers a fresh start to anyone, no matter how the previous year went.  Many Titans shared with us their goals for the New Year.  The most popular resolution had to deal with health.  Juliana Vasquez simply wants to try and work out more, while Grace Knor wants to go into the New Year being more body positive.  Other students wanted to focus on eating healthier.


Alyssa Lang

Another popular New Year’s resolution topic was about school.  Alyssa Lang wants to focus on her grades and spend more time studying.  Other Titans agreed that they wanted school to become a bigger priority.  Katie Ryan and Emma Smith both want to not procrastinate as much in the New Year.  Jackson Beaurguard told us that he wants to finish off the first semester strong and continue to do well in the second semester.


Julie King

In the New Year, some students are interested in focusing on their finances.  Juli King said that she wants to “save money and make money.”  That’s become my mood for the New Year.  Other Titans want to start focusing on themselves.  Jessie Pham said that she wants to start having a more positive mentality towards herself.  Jessie Ramcharran said that she wants to focus on keeping only positive people in her life, which I agree with 100%.


As you can see, the New Year’s resolutions of Titans cover a wide variety of topics.  If you haven’t thought of what you want to accomplish in the New Year, take inspiration from what other students said.  Put more focus into school, start eating healthier, or work on spending less money in 2019.  The New Year is a great way to start over and concentrate on bettering yourself.  Everyone has things they can improve on, so take advantage of the opportunity.