Take a Shot With The Tuscarora Archery Team

   Did you know that there is an archery club here at Tuscarora? I had no idea that there was one throughout my freshman year. I had joined the end of my sophomore year as my friend, Ryan Vu, had told me about and sparked my interest. At first, all my shots were on the target, but Ryan said I had a good grouping which means that I could keep the arrows close together on the target. I just had to work on moving my arrows towards the center of the target; my aim was off. Now I can shoot most of my arrows and hit the yellow and red which are scores of 10 through 7 points. The feeling of releasing an arrow go makes me feel like I’m letting all the stress that on my shoulders go along with it. I believe that if I find the time, I would like to continue archery after high school.

The archery team at Tuscarora high has been in motion since 2014 with Mr. Daniel Neuland at the helm of it all. Our practice times are kind of up in the wind during the winter sports season but for right now we are practicing on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30in the Auxilary gym. But in January, we will have one of our practices on the first Wednesday of the month then we will continue to have our practices on Tuesday until February. We have about 15-16 students on the team right now, but we are always looking to expand and welcome new members. We need 12 active shooters to compete as a team in competitions, but if we don’t have that amount you can still shoot as an individual.

Archery has helped me with the weight I may have on my shoulders, anything I may have on my mind and its helped my focus improve lots. If you do plan on joining the archery team, there are so many more factors that need to be taken into account that may affect your shooting such as; stress, posture, whether you can concentrate on loud noise or if you need silence, etc. Once you handle those factors and have them under control, shooting can be the most calming thing during your day. So come and join, we welcome everyone at any time. Just go and talk to Mr. Neuland in the art hall, his room is room A211.