Kristina Delos Reyes is Tuscarora’s New HOBY Ambassador

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Kristina Delos Reyes is Tuscarora’s New HOBY Ambassador

Ethan Samet, Editor

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Congratulations to Kristina Delos Reyes on becoming this year’s ambassador from Tuscarora to the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership conference. Kristina is the next student in a long line of students from Tuscarora High to attend the Maryland HOBY conference. Only sophomores are selected for this globally recognized program that focuses on educating these young students on what leadership entails and how to best become a leader in whatever fashion you can. Kristina proved to be the best of the best and come this may she will go to spend 3 days at Mount Saint Mary’s college for the Maryland State Seminar.

The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership program was started back in 1958 by noted actor and humanitarian Hugh O’Brian. Famous for his Wyatt Earp series of movies along with films such as “The Shootist”, “Ten Little Indians” and the T.V. series “Search” Mr. O’Brian started his youth leadership program after speaking with Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer. Mr. O’Brian came to the realization that not all students are created equal in that we all come from different backgrounds and different circumstances. For that reason he felt that it was important to educate kids about what leadership is about and how to best become a leader within your community. In this spirit the HOBY conferences came to be.

At Mt. St. Mary’s Kristina will spend time with all of the other Maryland delegates signing up for and attending panels where they will discuss leadership, diversity, volunteerism, education, and other topics. Panels will have multiple speakers with delegates being able to discuss as a whole and with each other how they feel or what they think about the discussed topics. The HOBY Maryland conference has gone from 46 high schools at its inception in 1979 to now consistently garnering crowds of around 200 high school students. The programs have also led community outreach programs, recently they have even helped out right here in our Frederick community. Don’t worry though Kristina won’t be only doing work while at the seminar, there is also plenty of time for a dance and other fun activities. We at the titan times wish her all the best on her trip to the seminar on May 23.



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