Forensics class tries to identify counterfeit money!


Steven Asare, Sports Writer

Ms. McGrew’s Forensic science class was participating in an interesting lab this week. They were examining dollar bills trying to see if they could identify a counterfeit bill from a real bill. The dollar bills that they were looking at were 1$ bills and 10$ bills.

The reason they were doing this lab was because “about a fourth of all the students are asked to identify counterfeit bills at their jobs” said Mrs.Mcgrew. They had to answer a few questions and to notice small details on the bill like “who is pictured on the bill?”, “what is printed on the bottom of the dollar bill?” and “who was the secretary of treasury at the time the bill was issued?”.


The motivation of the project is based from a recent uproar in counterfeit bills stemming from North Korea. They are making bills that are so alike to regular bills that they may only have one barely noticeable differences. The spread of these bills could really hurt the U.S economy and lose trust with other countries who may get U.S dollars from the U.S.