Weekly Health Tip: Healthy food alternatives

Colin Lang, Writer

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Everyone wants to strive to be a healthier person, but it can be hard when there are so many temptations.  I mean, why eat a salad when you can eat a pizza?  It may seem hard to do, but there are healthy alternatives to your favorite foods that you may not have known existed.  That’s why this week’s health tip focuses on cutting out the bad food in your diet and replacing it with better option.

Ice cream is one of the most delicious desserts known to man.  However, there is an alternative that’s just as good.  Frozen yogurt is a healthy substitute and has benefits for your body.  For example, it contains probiotics that help your digestive system.  To make this treat even better, you can pair it with fruit or nuts to give it even more taste.  Healthy treats do exist!

Everyone loves to eat candy.  The fact that it’s so easy to access makes it hard to resist your sweet tooth.  Instead of caving in, try eating dried fruits instead.  Fruits like mango, apples, and cherries will satisfy your sweet tooth can contain vitamins that benefit you.  Another snack alternative you can try is popcorn instead of potato chips.  Chips are full of saturated fats and salt that you don’t need in your body.  By eating popcorn instead, you cut that out of your diet.  Popcorn also is low in calories and is full of fiber, making it beneficial for you.

Our last food replacement for you to try is making pita pockets instead of eating pizza.  We’re not denying that pizza is incredibly delicious, but it can be quite unhealthy.  For a great tasting meal that’s better for you, we recommend trying pita pockets.  You can make them at home and look up different recipes.  You can include all the things you would normally get on a pizza and use whole wheat pita breads to make it more nutritious.  It is possible to eat food that is healthy and tasteful.  Try one of our recommendations to see for yourself.  You can also try to find some alternatives on your own to live

a healthier life.

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