Weekly Health Tip: Dealing with Stress!

Wedding accessories for the morning of the bride in pink . Wedding bouquet and shoes of the bride.

Wedding accessories for the morning of the bride in pink . Wedding bouquet and shoes of the bride.

Katelyn Krapf

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As the end of the first term is upon us, and as we all eagerly await Thanksgiving and Winter break, it’s time to reflect on something important that nearly every student forgets the importance of: Mental health. Anxiety and stress are some of not just the biggest grade killers, but some of the leading causes of more serious conditions like depression. It becomes hard to manage these things at times, and many students don’t have an outlet. If you do suffer from stress or anxiety, here are some fun and relaxing ways to quell it.


  • Believe it or not, exercise can help release tension in the muscles. Daily running, sit ups, or even something as simple as a thirty minute yoga session can help you in the long term. When you exercise, it causes endorphins, which are natural painkillers and muscle relaxers, to be produced. Endorphins can also help with sleep, so maybe it would be best to have an hour of platies before bed if you have a big test tomorrow.


  • Petting an animal. Animals are some of the greatest companions a person could have. When you pet an animal, be it a dog or cat or maybe even a lizard, your body releases oxytocin, a stress relieving chemical, and slows production of cortisol, which is a chemical that increases stress. In shorter terms, you feel more comfortable around your pets, so your body isn’t on such high alert. Even having an animal on your lap can help the reduction of cortisol. So do yourself a favor, and give your pet some love.


  • Diet control. For those of you who don’t have something you can pet/cuddle, and can’t go out on your morning or evening run, another surprising way you can reduce anxiety is with what you eat and drink. Caffeine is something that you shouldn’t be having if you feel overwhelmed, as it won’t increase your energy, but your heart rate, and that’ll lead to you getting sick if you’re tired. Another thing to cut out is high amounts of sugar or fried foods. Replace those items with brain food, such as blueberries, broccoli, eggs, oranges or nuts.



Lastly, talk to your school counselor or trusted adult. Talking out your problems help you to understand them better, and said adult may be able to offer helpful advice to you.


For more info on stress and anxiety management, check out the following:




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