Support Domestic Violence Awareness!


Erin Schneider, Writer

October is Domestic Awareness month, which honors the children and women around the world who suffer from abuse. Here in Frederick, women are suffering abuse almost every day. The Heartly House is a safe house in downtown Frederick for women to go with their children to get away from the horror that comes with domestic violence. Ms.Nickles 4th block humanities class have made it a project to collect items for the Heartly house to help the women and children in need. As you walk around the halls through the month of October, you will see signs for the Heartly House project, on the signs you will see different lists of items ranging from personal health care to kitchen items, all will help out the women and children in the Heartly House get back onto their feet.


Domestic Violence is sweeping across the United States, and is not slowing down. Women are getting mentally and physically abused in their own homes, along with their children. Pairing with an organization like Heartly House is a major step forward in ending the hurt for these families. Although it does not always stop men from being violent, women are able to get away and feel safe. The Heartly House is in a hidden location, meaning that when women are in direct danger of abuse, they will be picked up and brought to this location that no one is able to find. The point of this is to keep the women away from their abuser, and hopefully they are able to start a new life from that point on.


The whole goal of the Heartly House is to empower women to be strong, and protect those from sexual assault and abuse. Nearly 20 people per minute are abused by an intimate partner, this means almost ten million people in the United States alone are getting abused every year, no matter the gender, race, or age. One in four women are abused in the United States. With that in mind, Tuscarora High School has around 1500 students, and a large team of staff. How do you know your teacher or classmate has not been effected by domestic Violence? The answer is, you don’t. So many people around you could have been effected by Domestic Violence, and it is eye opening to see the damage.


There are so many options to supporting awareness for Domestic Violence. To find out more please visit the Heartly House Website!