The Titan FREE Store Coming Soon to a Tuscarora Near You!

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The Titan FREE Store Coming Soon to a Tuscarora Near You!

Ethan Samet, Editor

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Hello Titans! The new school year is upon us and with it comes the need for more school supplies. Everything from winter coats, to dresses, to plain old binders will be needed in one form or another this year. As many of you are aware our school is super diverse not just when it comes to ethnic background but in terms of financial and socioeconomic background as well. It is in that Spirit that Mrs. Nickles, our resident Humanities and English teacher, is opening up the new Tuscarora Titan Free Store.

The project started with Mrs. Nickles working with the Local Love project to bring a sponsored charitable activity to the school. With a couple of volunteers they got a room, B201, and were able to start ordering materials to set the room up as a store. Since the beginning of the year Mrs. Nickles’ block 2 Humanities class has been working to delve into the topic of love and how it is applicable to our school. In that spirit Mrs. Nickles’ class is working to organize a charity drive for all the different types of clothing the free store will need to give away. Her students spent Tuesday and Thursday creating posters to advertise to the whole school about what the store needs. The store needs the following brought to B201, to be delivered from September 24 – October 19 of 2018:

Homecoming/Prom dresses                            Belts

Halloween costumes                                       Suspenders

Nice shirts                                                         Make-up

Nice pants                                                         newer socks

Dress shoes                                                      Jewelry

Newer shoes                                                    NEWer bras (gently)

Neckties                                                            pajamas

NEW underwear (men + women)               silk du-rags

Winter coats                                                    winter gloves

SNOW BOOTS                                                gently used SPORTS gear

Blankets                                                            pillows

Water bottles

The Free store will be opened soon after the charity is concluded and inventory is organized or possibly even before the charity is over. The store will be open to all students of Tuscarora no matter the background. Mrs. Nickles is opening this store in the hopes of helping some of our students who require an extra hand in getting ready for the school year without prying into their lives, in that respect it is being operated on a good faith system. So please if you don’t need something don’t take it but if you do, feel free to stop by and pick up what you need. If you have items not listed above simply ask Mrs. Nickles if they are accepted and drop them off at B201 where they can find a home with a fellow Titan.

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