Culinary Corner: Mason Jar Salads


Mr. Hartman, Adviser

This isn’t really a recipe per se, but rather a way to be healthy and to ultimately make the work-week daily to-do list a little more manageable. Basically, I have a salad everyday for lunch and I make all of those salads on Sundays.

I start by lining up the mason jars (I also make salads for my wife and daughter which is why there are so many).

I begin by adding the veggies that have the highest water content (think cucumbers and celery). I then add root veggies (carrots and radishes for example) that won’t get soggy due to contact with the bottom layers of the jar.

Then I add the lettuce and if I am adding mushrooms or meats or even nuts I add those last on top of the lettuce. Some approaches say you can put the dressing in as the base layer but I have found that doing so leaves the veggies a bit soggy by the end of the week. So, I just take a small tupperware container with my dressing to be added when I eat the salad.


A few side notes: You will also need to remember a large bowl to dump your salad into

I have found that cut up tomatoes make the veggies too soggy so I typically use cherry tomatoes and I place those on top of the lettuce.