Spirit Week!


Samantha Rearick, Writer

      Attention all Titans! Next week is spirit week in preparation for Relay for Life on Friday, May 11th. Show your Titan pride by participating in next week’s spirit week and dress accordingly to the days!


Monday 5/7– Mathletes versus Athletes: Pick a side! Match with a friend! Get those books out mathletes- you’ll need them to defend yourselves.

Tuesday 5/8– Hawaiian T-shirt Day: The weather’s getting warmer guys, so pull out that shirt you truly only wear on vacation- Tuesday’s an acception!

Wednesday 5/9– Wacky Tacky Day: We all have those days where we feel like we’re a mess, right? Well on Wednesday, time to embrace it with some wacky outfits and tacky patterns.

Thursday 5/10– Tie Dye / Neon Day: Throw on those colors and flaunt them! Tie Dye! Neon! Maybe even do both if you’re bold enough!

Friday 5/11– Wear Purple: In support of Relay for Life, deck out in the color purple this Friday! Don’t forget to come to relay for life at The Banner School from 7 AM to 7 PM.


Stay classy Tuscarora, and have a great Spirit Week!