5 Games To Have On Your Phone

Kaylan Wallen, Writer

Everyone has a section of their phone designated for games but after a while playing the same old games can get boring, so here are some games to help refresh your gaming stock pile.

  1. Choices – an interactive game that lets you make your own character for each story and every decision you make will shape your future.  
  2. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – an interactive game that allows you to make a character that best represents you, as you choose your house and embark on your journey at Hogwarts. 
  3. The Simpsons Tapped Out – a game where you have to rebuild the town of springfield after Homer Simpson destroys it.
  4. The Sims – a mobile version of The Sims franchise, not to be confused with Sims Freeplay. This game lets you build your own characters, buy/build a house, get a job, and grow your town. 
  5. Hungry Shark – a game that simulates shark week. This game lets you rule the ocean as a shark.