Should children learn multiple languages early in life?


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Keylayla Blackman, Writer

Should children learn more than one language in their childhood? This is a common question. Children definitely can do so. As children are growing, their brains are developing and learning new information everyday. This is an advantage for many children because a developing brain’s ability to learn different concepts, such as a language, is easier than a mature brain. Learning multiple languages earlier in life can have an advantage such as children immerse themselves into someone else’s/ their own culture and speaking the language can make it easier to learn many more things. But wouldn’t learning multiple languages cause a child to fall behind in their speech? Here are a few opinions from our fellow titans:

Do you think children should learn more than one language in their childhood?

McKenzi Weatherhogg -Senior:

“I do believe children should learn more than one language early on. It’s much harder to learn and keep languages as a child gets older and that is frustrating”.

Natron Jordan -Senior:

“Of course! They can get scholarships and it has multiple lifelong benefits like getting certain jobs. Companies are always looking for people who can speak different language to speak with customers and foreign investors”.

Kaitlyn Thompson Sophomore

“I think that children should learn more languages because we would be able to communicate with other human beings. I wish I was taught more than one language”.

Leslie Guerrero -Junior:

“Yes because it brings more opportunity in future and I have found that it can help to communicate with more people which really does help”.

Cierra Bolanos -Freshman:

“I think it’s definitely something to consider. I mean we’re preparing them for the future and we want them to be great and change the world and have an important job. Not only will learning a new language help them to achieve those goals, but it’ll help them be more accepting of people of other cultures who may not speak the same language as them. We are after all trying to create a world where people realize we have more in common than we do different. What other way that than language? I mean, maybe I’m being a little too optimistic, but I do know language brings people together because we can understand one another”.

Vinnie Catania -Senior:

“Yes. I think they should so children won’t grow up closed minded and can well adjust to how the world works”.


I believe language breaks barriers. It helps us communicate with one another in ways we haven’t been able to in the past. I want you to imagine a world with no language barriers. The world we have today has become better at communicating with one another but what is another way to improve the world even more than to start with the children?  Not only would learning multiple languages give children a better view of the world but it would help us develop a better understanding of one another that would progress in the future.