The Mural on Main Street


Olivia Cooper, Writer

Recently, the NAHS (National Art Honor Society) chapter at THS painted a mural on window between the cafeteria and Main Street. In case you weren’t aware, the NAHS is an honors society that sort of died off at THS. But some committed students decided that NAHS is something our school needs and so they took it upon themselves to resurrect the club. Since they got off to such a late start this year, they only really had time to do this mural and maybe one more before the end of the school year. But they are hoping that membership grows and they have many more plans for visual arts projects next year that are intended to contribute to our school and to our larger community. 

I interviewed one of the people who took part in this painting, Catherine Conte. I asked her a couple of questions about the mural. She told me the mural only took about two hours for them to paint, which is impressive to me. I find it more impressive that it only took six of them to work on it, I really figured it would’ve taken more. The whole point of the mural was to bring a feeling of spring. Since it’s been relatively gloomy weather for spring, she said they wanted to bring some life into the school. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest stopping and taking a look at the mural. I think it’s really beautiful and that they did a really amazing job with it. It really gives off a nice spring vibe. 

If you are a young artist and are interested in being a part of the NAHS, please see Mr. Hartman in room A-202 for details.