Congressman Jamie Raskin visits Tuscarora


Mia Egerman, Editor in Chief

This week, Congressman Jamie Raskin stopped by Tuscarora to answer a few questions to speak with students in Government classes. As the representative of Maryland’s 8th District, Raskin had much to say to the fourth block government classes. His visit started off with an introduction and a brief explanation of his role in the House of Representatives. He then took questions from the students who asked questions about a wide variety of topics covering everything from gun control issues, to student advocacy. Congressman Raskin also educated the students about what steps a person must take in order to run for public office. The primary point of the speech was to show how the information students learn in their government classes actually relates to the real world. We thank Jamie Raskin for his time and transparency during the Q&A and are looking forward to applying his lessons to the real world.