Movie Review: Coco


Olivia Cooper, Writer

On November 22, 2017, the movie Coco was released in theaters. Coco is Pixar’s latest movie revolving around the Day of the Dead. It was extremely popular and brought in millions of dollars worldwide during its time in theaters.

Coco is about a young boy named Miguel who is really passionate about music. All of his family hates music because of something a former relative did, this relative was disowned from the family. Miguel’s family wants him to have absolutely nothing to do with music and to take up the family shoe making business. He plans to play a song for the public during the Day of the Dead to show his family the talent he has. He ends up needing a guitar (since his got destroyed), and goes to the graveyard to “borrow” the guitar of his late idol. When he strums the guitar he is transported to the land of the dead. There he meets more of his late relatives and they try to get him to go back home. He ends up meeting his disowned relative, but doesn’t know it’s him. After meeting his late idol who he thought was his relative, he learns the truth about everything. It’s honestly really hard to explain this part, you kind of have to see it. The ending of the movie is pretty bittersweet, which is a bit strange for a Disney movie.

I really enjoyed this movie, I thought it was better than most of the recent Pixar movies. The animation and art was enough to make the movie extremely good. There is so much detail put into every little thing. The details on the backgrounds and on people were absolutely amazing. The plot of the movie itself just added to how wonderful it was. The story had so many unexpected elements, and got kind of dark for a Disney film. It should’ve been a bit expected that it got dark though, it revolves heavily around the Day of the Dead. I think the fact that it went a bit dark made it more interesting and enjoyable for adults and teenagers. I imagine that’s what they were going for. Adding more exciting and interesting things to the story, it’s a good way to get more people interested in something. This movie was a tearjerker, most recent Pixar movies have been like that. Coco had so many really sad moments, which, those too, added a lot to the story. There were quite a few suspenseful moments that had me just wondering what was going to happen. Though it was more mature, it of course still had elements of a children’s movie. Such as, bad things being revolved the very last second or a bit more childish jokes. Those aspects didn’t make the movie bad at all, they just contributed to their actual audience. I really can’t say anything I hate about this movie, I thought it was that good. It wasn’t rushed, it was very well paced. It told its’ story well because of that. Once again, the animation and art were excellent and the movie was really beautiful.

If I had to rate Coco, not going to lie, I’d probably give it a 10/10. I just really enjoyed it, it was amazing. I recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it. Coco was really popular when it was in theaters, and after watching it it’s fairly easy to see why.