Olivia Cooper, Writer

Friendships have a bond,

A bond that’s supposed to last long.

Though, some are unfair

Some don’t seem to care

You happened to be one of them


When we were young

You always seemed to be having fun.

But as we grew

I noticed the things you say and do.

I began to grow weary, wanting to leave your side

Though I ended up continuing to stand by.


Lashing out

Time after time

I don’t know why

I stayed by your side


Our story is coming to a close

The words you said pricked my heart like the thorns of a rose.


“I’m tired of you”

I couldn’t think of what to say

I was out of cards to play

Any word I spoke

You’d throw back with a counter-attack


You used everything I said against me

Said things you knew would upset me

Choking and sputtering

On my own feelings


You didn’t care what I had to say

Yet you still tried to apologize the next day.


I was trapped in your little web

A web full of fake friendships

And lies


Friendships have a bond

Though some don’t last long.