Tuscarora Titans Demolish St. James


Ethan Samet, Writer

70 to 12 was the final score for Wednesday’s match where the Tuscarora Titans went up against St. James High School. The match went exceedingly well for the Titans with all but two of their varsity players getting pins, the majority of which happened within the first two rounds of each match. For the two players who were sadly pinned themselves, they were still able to put up a strong fight against their opponent, one of whom had just been honored for having won his 100th match. The matches went in a bit of an odd order with the varsity players going first being followed up by the junior varsity wrestlers. Due to the smaller size of the St. James team, the school only has a population of around 235, there weren’t many JV matches to be had. Walking away from the match the Titans esteem was higher than ever. With a track record of 3 wins and a loss against North Hagerstown, which has a world class wrestler on their team, the Titans are set to be a true contender within their region this semester. With a little luck and a lot of hard work this may be the team to win the Regional Meet for the first time in our schools history. So wish any wrestlers you know some good luck and try to come out and support them this next Wednesday at their FSK Tournament.