Mr. Neuland and His Art



Kaylan Wallen, Writer


Neuland has taught in Frederick County for 29 years but has taught since 1985.

  1. How did you get into art?

When I was young the teacher would always ask me to sketch on the board because I was the only one that you draw. I don’t really remember not being able to draw, so if a teacher needed something drawn on the board like a map of Ireland, all I needed was a picture and I could do it. I guess in a way sketching was my gateway into art and people took notice because I went to a catholic school so art classes weren’t a thing there. So once I reached High School I decided to change to public school and I’m glad I did.

  1. What art forms do you do?

I specialize in computer graphics, painting, and ceramics.

  1. What kind of struggle did you endure?

I don’t think people understand that even though computer graphics is on the computer that it still takes an immense amount of skill to do. Sometimes I’m working on an image for days or weeks because of the amount of detail that goes into it.

  1. How has teaching and art changed your life?

Art has become my life and career, it’s what I’ve done all my life so I love that I can teach it to possible future artist. Teaching has caused me to focus more on my craft and I would like to say I’ve been able to perfect it.

  1. Would you consider yourself well rounded in your field?

I would, obviously there are many things that I could still learn but for now I would say in pretty well rounded.

  1. What advice would you give a student who wants to pursue art?

I say go for it. Art is forever changing so find what you’re good at. I would also say don’t go to an art school got to a university so you can be surrounded by different types of people. Trust me it helps.

  1. How does art apply to the real world?

Art is everywhere. What we focus on is the creative side of business. Everything you see in the world was designed by some artist out there and I think it’s important to have students see that.