Students with Jobs

Students with Jobs

Claudia Ennin, Writer


   Education is not the training of facts, but the training of the mind to think. Many students have jobs outside of school. Most students have jobs with different reasons to it such as helping families, earning money of their own and saving money for college. But we have to realize the pitfalls of working as a student. I believe the rate of  students that are mostly affected are those that work after school because working during weekends does not really affect a student as compared to working through  weekdays and weekends.


  Having a job and being a student in high school can be said to be the start of challenge in life. Why do I say this? Being a student and an employee you have to see to it your grades are not affected and you also doing things right at work. It could be really stressful and time must be managed well. I used to work five hours during the weekends which I found working during weekends not stressful. But after quitting my five hours job for just the weekends I moved to working four days a week which is in a maximum of 18 hours. Is fun to work, save money and enjoy your own money but it becomes a whole burden and grows worse without time management. Nia Franklin talks of her experience, “I feel terrible about working, I have a sense of pride but I get to make my own money.” Funny to hear but is a fact you get to make your own money which I believe no one can control how you spend it. Is hard to find time to rest working during weekdays and going to school. There is a possibility working students to sleep during class and complain of headaches .Most students that do work during weekdays could witness to this. But I would agree most students that do work during weekends are 70% not affected with the negative side of having a job as compared to weekdays working students. Corrine Turner shares her side of view, “I work at Panera bread. I do not really enjoy having a job but I like making money. I work on weekends so I have time for school during the week. Having a job is nice because I get to work with all kinds of people.”


    The struggle you get in today is developing your strength you need for tomorrow. Schooling is a full time job on it own and having a job aside from schooling is a big challenge. There are going to be up and downs. Employment could have a negative effect on a student’s study if he or she is not an organized person and takes his or her books really serious. If you planning to work I would advices to build a good foundation for your studies. I sometimes ask myself how some students could cope with two jobs while in school .There is a high percentage for these students to have grade points averages in most of their classes. They mostly find it difficult to work on their homework which would help boost their grades also. The struggle is real.


   Sometimes most people believe being stressed out means you perform a hard work. Is hard to find time to rest working during weekdays and going to school. There is a possibility of working students to sleep during class and complain of headaches .Most students that do work during weekdays could witness to this. Words from the side of Kemi Adeyemi, “I work with children and I hate it. I get stressed at school and then I have to go to work and get stressed AGAIN? I cry myself to sleep every night. And I’m ready to quit.” So sad to hear this but having a job is really stressful no one can prove is not. Working with little ones as Kemi said is a big risk to take because is more of being responsible for whatever that happens to any kid. I could say she feels pressured handling kids and waking up the next day to school.


    Friends are like family but some little things could depart you from them. Working as a teen mostly makes it difficult to spend time with your friends. Because you are covered up with work. Trust me most of our friends hate to hear, “I have to go to work.” whenever they ask us to join them and have fun. I have experienced that a lot and I feel bad I cannot spend time with my girls like I used to but I also know is for my own good. A piece from Demetrius Purnell contributes, “Yes I have time to rest, time to hangout with my friends but when I feel to hangout with my friends that may  be the moment I have work. The plus side of having a job is that I get to have extra money to spend as long as I budget it.”  Hearing from Demetrius I could conclude he works during the weekend and as I said those that work weekends have good percentage of advantage. Let’s see what Katiana Civil has to say, “I work at food lion and I do work around 20-25 hours a week. I’m not really stressed out since I don’t really get a lot of homework from my classes so the only stressful thing is getting tired from working like 8 hours a day sometimes.” She is right with that; not having homework or numerous of tests the next day after work is less stressful but having a maximum of three or two tests becomes stroke sometimes.


     There is no substitute for hard work. Said a lot of drawbacks of working as a teen but we have to see to the bright side of it. Working as a high school student makes you feel more responsible. You almost feel like an adult that sees the reality of life.  You grow more independent from your parents. When I speak of being responsible as a student I mean you get the chance to make good plans towards life. And you always have a budget towards your day to day spending which is how to manage finances. As Demetrius said earlier he has extra money to spend as long as he makes a budget. You do not have to get to college until you get to know how to budget your money. Is great earning your own money but who finds it selfish sometimes to spend their own money very easy? Funny right?  But I would count myself as one. My dad now hardly spends on me since he realized I work and I do not really like it. But who cares you gain your own money after all.

   Working as a teen gives you an idea of how to manage your time in life in other not to lose your job or fail a class and leads you to an extra mile in life. Where I’m heading to? Students that work or work for a long period have less time to engage in risky behaviors. It saves them from odd environment full of troubles. Having a work changes your life and forces you to create a schedule, learn and manage your time appropriately. Which these leads to positive effects of spending less time on the internet and learning time management skills. This helps a student to be a victim of multitasking and grow with it.


    Working is not that bad but is not for lazy people and those addicted to their phones or technology. Working as a teen, you get the chance to have different work experience and set yourself for a rewarding lifetime career path. Career work opens the mind of an individual to how to fill up and application, learn how to handle people. The skills you gain are some which motivates you to fix problems you could ever thought of and also get the chance to link with others that may be of positive help in the future. In all you end up in a professional manner by the time you done with college full of different skills.

     Students have jobs with different reasons but there are drawbacks and advantages of having a job as a teen. Preserving a job while attending school is not just for anyone at all. Mostly those who are easily distracted with little things are the victims of huge disadvantage. Maintaining a job while attending school is for individuals that have self-control,that are self-motivated ,confident, organized  and have good impression to others. In other to find it 60% easy to handle studies and job us their responsibility and attend to their duties. Having this habit and keeping in mind your goals towards your studies will work so great with the skills you gain. You do not have to get to college before you realize you have to be responsible and independent. Hard-work pays.