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Silence by Hannah Mueller

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“The cold touch of silence falls upon us
That our daring words threaten to break and crush,
Only to come up short and die when requested;
My spirit seems as if it has been bested.
Frigid winds shake my heart and soul
While our nerves and wills fight for control.
Suspicious minds look to another
In a desperate attempt to find their lover.
Yet, I only prove futile to find
That loving, longing, laughing mind
Words were once exchanged freely with spite,
In honesty, it gave me quite the fright
Instead of words that linger and burn
It is this poisonous silence that I scorn-
Yet, what will it do us anymore?
Will you stand and walk through that door?
Will I destroy these walls I have built to let you in again?
Or are we doomed to never feel our former zen?
This silence is suffocating,
It is harsh and cold, not warm and enlightening,
I begin to wonder what fate lies ahead
And if it will lead me to my fatal end
In a bitter, knowing way I hope it does
So my mind will stop going a buzz.
You sit there, directly beside me filled with laughter
And yet, I still cannot find the you I sought after
Where is your kindness and honesty?
Where is your love for me?
So, please, continue to leave me alone
Because when you find me again,
I will be nothing more than dust and bone.
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Silence by Hannah Mueller