What Do Teachers Do Over Winter Break?

What Do Teachers Do Over Winter Break?

Vanessa Fox and Kaylan Wallen

As winter break approaches, many students share where they will spend their break. Unfortunately it’s rare that a teacher is asked where they’re going. So we interviewed four teachers to see where they would be spending their break.


The first teacher we spoke to was Mrs. Nickles, who teaches english:

Q: What will you do over break?


A: I am going to disney with my husband and my fifteen year old sister. We’re going to explore all the parks and I’m going to make it a goal to find the best places to eat dinner. I’m really excited because this is what my little sister wanted for Christmas, and I’m glad that I’m able to give it to her.


The second teacher we spoke to was Mr. Swink, who teaches health/physical education:


Q: What will you do over break?


A: I’m either going to go to the Cayman Islands to surf and relax with my family at the beach, or I’m going to go to the Aspen Colorado Ski Resort in the Rocky Mountains to snowboard while the rest of my family ski’s. I’m still trying to decide but either way it’s gonna be a lot of fun.  


The third teacher we spoke was Mrs. Creter, who teaches history:


Q: What will you do over break?


A: I plan to hang out with my family and friends here in Frederick for the beginning of the break. Towards the end of break I plan on going to New York and going on tours to see the empire state building, Rockefeller center, art museums, and time square.


The final teacher we spoke to was Mr. Araujo, who teaches English:

Q:  What will you do over break?


A: Over break I’m going to spend time cooking for friends and family here, but what I’m most looking forward to is going to exotic Delaware to spend sometime with some friends over there. We’re going to try to see some really cool sites and just have a good time.


We hope after reading this article you won’t be afraid to ask your teachers what they’re doing during the break, cause you never know if you’ll see them there too. So whether you are going away for the holidays or are staying home, we hope you have a wonderful winter break!