5 fall must haves

5 fall must haves

Kaylan Wallen, writer

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With the arrival of fall it can be hard to find the right outfit. Fortunately this article will tell you five fall trends that you must have. Whether you’re a girl or a guy this article will guide you through five fall must haves that you need to incorporate in your outfit.

1. Oversized sweaters – Oversized sweaters are made for comfort and style. They’re made for both guys and girls and can be found at local stores like H&M, Aeropostale, and PacSun. Wearing this article of clothing is like wearing a blanket and when paired with the right accessories can make a lovely outfit.


2.Blanket scarves – these are often worn with sweaters and/or a vest. There made to be a accent piece to embellish the outfit. They come in various colors to go with many different outfits and are a cute and comfy way to stay warm.


  1. Denim jacket – this article of clothing is actually making its way back into society. The once popular 80s and 90s trend of denim jackets is starting to be worn again and with the added flare of patches. Fortunately almost any store you go to will have denim jackets so you can follow this trend and hopefully make it your own.
  2. Boots – now boots come in all shapes, makes, and sizes but the 3 that have become huge trends are Riding boots, ankle boots, and suede Chelsea boots. These three boots can be paired with almost any outfit to dress it up.
  3. Button front skirt – the once popular ‘70`s trend of Button front skirts have also made there way back into society and we just can’t seem to get enough of them. They are sold in most stores and are great for fall weather. They’re usually made of suede or denim and came at a great price.