Winter Student Section is coming!

Winter Student Section is coming!

Jacob Dmuchowski, Writer

The Student Section Experience

As the fall sport season comes to an end, there is a surge of enthusiasm towards the upcoming basketball season. It is a Titan tradition to have a strong and high-spirited student section for every home basketball game. The student section for football may have been rowdy, but the basketball student section is on a whole other level.  

Every game there is a theme. It is expected that the students in the student section are to be enthusiastic and loud. This is the one time in school where students are encouraged to be loud and obnoxious. Many memories and memorable moments are made from the student section experience. The only reason why most people claim not have fun is because they do not participate in chants or cheers (@freshmen). Students are encouraged to attend the basketball games and be an active member in the student section.  The more people there are in the student section the more pumped up our Titans basketball team gets. Come support the Varsity Boys Basketball team at the first home game on Friday, December 9th at 7:00pm against Northwest. Mark your calendars, and bring your Titan Spirit!

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