“She Kills Monsters” play review

She Kills Monsters play review

Kaylan Wallen, writer and photographer


The stage adaptation of “She Kills Monsters” directed by Dorothy Delucchi was heartwarming and comical with its meaningful storyline and witty banter. We were seated in the auditorium and were offered popcorn, candy and refreshments. There were two acts with eight scenes in each. The first female lead Kristina Cooper who played Agnes Evans filled the role perfectly and was able to make us feel what her character was feeling through raw emotion. The second female lead Kayla Feeney/ Rebekah Smith both played Tilly Evans by splitting the roll but both brought a fiery element to the sister who unfortunately lost her life.


There were a couple of scenes that stood out in the play over all. The first one was in Act 1 scene 3 where Agnes Evans (Kristina cooper) went to a game shop to ask Chuck (Logan Streufert) a gaming geek to help her get into the world of Dungeons and Dragons so she can be with her sister one last time. The second scene that stood out was in Act 1 scene 4 this is where we got to meet Tilly Evans (Rebekah Smith) and her friends  Lillith Morningstar (Emily Froke), and Kaliope Darkwalker (Quest Sawyer) as they’re  on their way to find Orcus (Sean O’Sullivan) who has Tilly’s soul. Unfortunately when they get there he had already sold her soul for a new TV and is seen watching friends and eating whipped cream.

In Act 2 scene 12 Agnes gets some insight into what happened in her sister’s daily life as she is terrorized by these two dark fairies due to her sexual orientation. This causes Agnes to feel bad and wonder how many times her sister tried to open up to her and why she never listened. The last scene that stood out was in Act 2 scene 16 where Agnes is forced to battle the villainous dragon to save her sister’s soul. This left the crowd breathless and on the edge of our seats as Agnes fought for her sister’s life. In the end Agnes beat the villainous dragon and saved her sister, although Agnes was happy to save her sister she was met with the harsh reality that her sister was gone.

Overall She Kills Monsters was well done and had some amazing fight scenes, as well as special effects. The play ran for a total of 2 hours and never had a dull moment. This play brought the world of Dungeons and Dragons, and real world problems together to make a heart warming and comical story. Even if you’re not into the world of D&D you’ll still feel a connection with the characters and the story line. The cast and crew did a phenomenal job putting this production together and we can’t wait until their next production in April of The Sister Act  (6th-8th, 2017).