Outdoor Club=Outdoor Adventure!



Kaylan Wallen , writer




The past week the outdoor club went zip ling and we were fortunate enough to be able to join them and see what they did. The club is run by Mr. Neuland and he welcomes anyone and everyone to come out and join the club.


Q: What is The Outdoor Club about?


A: The Outdoor Club promotes outdoor activities for students by informing them of upcoming events and programs. They are not technically school sponsored in that we do not provide buses for students to go to events or collect money. Instead, we pick an activity and I arrange group prices if possible. Parents drop off or students drive themselves. It’s a great opportunity to meet and make new friends and enjoy the outdoors, and of course family members are always invited because they are an important part of keeping a kid active in the outdoors.


Q: Where was the zip line course?


A: We went to the adventure center in Harpers Ferry, they offer rafting, zip lining, and other various activities. The center is located on a hill top and it overlooks a river.


Q: What was the experience like?


A: Well its exciting for me to see everyone zip lining, but it’s really exciting to see students, like yourself who were there for the first time and are sometimes apprehensive about it go out and face it head on. It doesn’t take a lot of athletic ability to do zip lining, but it does take a little bit of nerve because you have to jump off of a 40ft tall post in to the air while being suspended by a harness. Then you have to control your speed, because you can go way too fast and slam in to the pole on the other side. So for the first time it’s very thrilling, it almost like being on a rollercoaster. The best for me as a teacher is seeing kids who have never done that before try it and grow from that experience.


Q: Would you consider doing it again?


A: Well yeah, this is our second time doing it and it seems to be one of the more popular trips. I wish it wasn’t so expensive for kids but we did get a good rate, so I plan on doing it next year around September because it’s the perfect temperature outside and rates are lower.


Q: How can you join the outdoor club?


A: All you have to do is get in contact with me and let me know if you’re interested in joining and Ill call you in on club days so we can discuss future trips.


Q: What are some future trips student can look forward to?


A: We are looking to do a corn maze in October and maybe paintball in November. We will also be selling Night Club Cards for Ski Liberty which will afford the students the opportunity to learn skiing/ snowboarding. That program starts in January 2nd but the cards are purchased in November through Ski Liberty.