In their own words: Titan’s thoughts on the school year ahead

In their own words: Titans thoughts on the school year ahead

In their own words is a new column this year in which we’ll ask the Titan nation what they think about various aspects of Tuscarora. If you’d like to add your own two cents, leaves us a comment below!

Welcome back Titans! To help welcome you back we decided to ask your peers some questions on how they expect this year to go as well as what they could do differently from last year. For some this is their last year, for others they’re just starting out, but no matter what point you’re at, we have some great ways that you can make it an amazing year.  

Titans, we know that every year holds new and exciting things. Gabriella Molina is excited for the upcoming football season, she says the football games are great for hanging out with friends, getting your school spirit back, and watching football. Shortly after football season, comes basketball season; senior, Steven Cook, is very excited to be leading the student section at the games. Corrine Turner said she’ll be heartbroken when her field hockey season comes to an end. Aside from the sports, Tuscarora High School definitely knows how to throw an awesome dance. Emily Romero can’t wait to dance and party with her friends at prom for one last time.

Every year you learn to take the good with the bad, Titans. Ethan Kief says he is not looking forward to the amount of homework he will be getting from his classes. Zoey Hoover says she will be having a hard time studying for quizzes, tests and finals in her classes. One thing to remember is, studying is always best when done with peers. Katy Valladares says she’ll be using this method for her AP exams coming up this spring.          

A new year means new challenges, especially with school. For a lot of students, taking harder courses can be difficult. Holly Christensen’s biggest challenge is passing both calculus 1 and 2. Kassie Hailey, is ready to take on AP Biology with Ms. Marcum year round. Sometimes it’s hard for students to stay focused, especially second semester; Ashley Beall says she’s hoping to stay focused in all of her second semester classes. For our athletic students, new challenges can come up in sports. Everyone wants to win but in the end, there is always a winner and a loser. Camryn Blake is hoping to go far and win states again in track and field.

It’s important to always do well in all our classes, so we can be prepared for our future endeavors.  Antonio Molina wants to get good grades in all of his classes and Amiee Penn wants to work hard this year to push herself and succeed instead of failing. Good grades sets you on track for a successful future. Ali Khan and Liam Silvera are already thinking about their future in an Ivy League school and will continue to work towards their dreams.    

With these words of encouragement from your peers we hope you Titans have a fabulous year, continue to succeed, meet goals, and follow your dreams. So from all of us here at The Titan Times, good luck Titans.