Culinary Corner: Oven baked ‘Fried’ Chicken


Hartman, Adviser

A healthy-ish alternative to fried chicken.


Who doesn’t love a tasty piece of good ole fried chicken? But that deliciousness comes at a high price. With summer just around the corner here’s a lighter version of the old favorite that sheds a lot of fat and calories but still tastes pretty darned good.




8 pieces of bone-in chicken with skin removed

2 cups flower

2 cups dried oates

3 tblsp onion powder

3 tblsp garlic powder

2 eggs

2 cups milk




Whisk eggs and milk in bowl and set aside.


Mix flower, oats, garlic, and onion powder in large bowl and set aside.



Coat chicken with flower and allow to sit for three to five minutes.



Dip chicken pieces in egg and milk and then dredge in flour and oat mix.


Arrange pieces in greased baking dish.



Place on middle rack of a 350 degree oven for 75-90 minutes or until an instant read thermometer reads 180 degrees.


Optional to flip the pieces mid-way through cooking to get even browning.