The Road To Comcast 2016


James Eckley, Writer


As the fall sports season comes to an end and the winter season starts up, the boys’ basketball team begins preparing for their upcoming winter season. Senior point guard, Rhashad Johnson, explains how he has been preparing for the upcoming season, “I’m in the gym practicing every day for at least two hours.” Rhashad believes with the way the team is already practicing, “we’re in for a good season.” Rhashad claims that we will be the best team in the county, and that no one can compare.

From the information about the team given to me by Rhashad, it seems that Comcast is in our future this season. With the help of Rhashad and other star players Dee Anderson, Jaylen Washington, and Myles Belton, we will definitely get there. These players are also seen as leaders of the team, as they are always making sure everyone is doing their job and helping players when they need it. Rhashad believes we will do better this season than last because the team is more mature, they have better cooperation, and can work great as a team.

Rhashad has been playing since he was in 6th grade and said the reason he started practicing so much and trying to get so good is because he “doesn’t want to have to pay for college,” and claims “I was greatly inspired by watching professionals play on TV.” Rhashad’s strong point is how much ball control he has when dribbling, allowing him to easily get around opponents. Rhashad has many goals for this season including, receiving player of the year, and playing at the Comcast center, as well as winning States. However, Rhashad has goals further than just high school; he hopes to play in college at Fairmont State, Tampa, or Newberry.

Similar to football, the basketball student section is a big part of the sport. The student section is one of the things that makes the games so much fun, and allows students to be interactive with the game. When I asked Shad if the student section affects the team’s game play he replied, “absolutely, when the student section is live and pumped up, it pumps us up and inspires us to try harder.” This year we are trying to get as many people to come out and support the team. We will be doing different themes for the games to make it more entertaining to attend. For updates and info on the student section, follow @TheTitanPride on twitter.